Providing Mediation, Arbitration &

Consulting Services


Joan is committed to working with clients to create dynamic, healthy relationships for families and organizations. Joan’s work is multi-disciplinary. She is a registered social worker, mediator and arbitrator with more than 40 years of experience. Joan is able to apply her skills and knowledge from these professions to build agreements that are unique and meet the needs of all clients. Joan’s experience with the not-for-profit sector, union and labour sector, and with children, youth and families gives her a multi-faceted perspective and knowledge.


"You helped me to keep control and to work with the other person to come to an agreement. Your calming presence really helped me focus on what was important for my kids." Alan

"I have known Ms. Cotie and her work for 25 years and she is excellent at what she does.” Judge Chaperon, Provincial Court

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