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Joan Cotie

Joan is committed to working with clients to create dynamic, healthy relationships for families and organizations.  Joan’s work is multi-disciplinary. She is trained as a social worker, mediator and arbitrator with more than 40 years of experience. Joan is able to apply her skills and knowledge from these professions to build agreements that are unique and meet the needs of all clients. She believes that the parties self-determination and the creativity of people working together is the basis of conflict resolution.  Her approach is respectful, facilitative and flexible to the parties needs while working collaboratively toward mutually beneficial solutions.

Joan’s experience with the not-for-profit sector, union and labour sector, and with children, youth and families gives her a multi-faceted perspective and knowledge.

Formally educated in Child Care Work (diploma), Social Work, (Bachelor and Masters degrees) Law, Women's Studies (Bachelor’s level) and Conflict Resolution (certificate)(mediation, negotiation, parent coordination and arbitration).

Joan holds designations as a Chartered Mediator, Chartered Arbitrator, and Chartered Mediator-Arbitrator with the ADR Institute of Canada. She is a Registered Social Worker with the BC College of Social Workers. 

Joan is a member of the ADRBC Civil, Family and Mediator-Arbitrator Rosters, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), ADR Institute of BC, BC Parent Coordination Roster Society, BC Hear the Child Society, Family Mediation Canada, the BC College of Social Workers, the BC Association of Social Workers, and Mediation Beyond Borders.

Joan lives with her partner and animal friends in Cobble Hill, B.C. and enjoys horseback riding, swimming and traveling to see and learn new things about our world. She enjoys spending time with her grandsons and family, who teach her about the world through their eyes.

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