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Fees for services


$275.00 per hour includes meetings, documentation, email/phone communications, writing Minutes of Settlement/Memorandum of Understanding.



$275.00 per hour

Call for an estimate regarding flat fee arbitration on some matters.

Appointment, review of documents and evidence, hearings, decision making and award writing.


$275.00 per hour

Collaborative Law/Child Specialist

Please contact to discuss fee arrangements.

Report Writing: 

Hear the Child

$225.00 per hour

Views of the Child

$225.00 per hour.


Full Section 211 Reports

$275.00 per hour with an initial retainer of $5000.00 to be paid at the start.

Full payment for report must be made prior to the report being released.

I require a retainer for some of my services.  Please call to discuss fee modifications for report writing.  Sliding fee scale available. Travel and other costs will be charged outside the lower Vancouver Island region.

Parent Coaching

$250.00 per hour.

I work with parents to help them learn to work with the other parent. Fees are split between the parties.

Hybrid Work 

Please contact to discuss fee arrangements.

I work with parents and children in a hybrid approach of coaching, observation and mediation to make parenting plans for families. 

Parenting Coordination

With my training background in social work, I have a respect for peoples’ differing abilities to pay. My fees are set on a fee-for-service basis using a sliding scale that ranges from $300 - $420 per hour. The fee is determined by your joint income, or may be determined by your assets. You will be charged from the beginning of a scheduled appointment time, even if you are late. Further, time will be taken at the beginning of the first meeting for me to present my qualifications, experience and approach to Parenting Coordination to help ensure that the service you receive is on an informed basis. This is deemed as part of the time provided and billed.

A retainer based on 20 hours of service at the respective rate, as per the fee schedule below, is required prior to commencing. Billing will be on the basis of actual time spent on any activity related to the parenting coordination service and charged at the rate as per the fee schedule below plus GST. You will be billed for any activity directed to your case. If less time is taken than covered by the retainer, a refund will be issued. If more time is required than covered by the retainer, I will ask for additional funds to be provided before continuing the service.

          Income                                Fee/hour

          0     - $99,999                      $300.00

 $100,000 - $124,999                    $320.00

 $125,000 - $149,999                    $340.00

 $150,000 - $174,999                    $360.00

 $175,000 - $199,999                    $370.00

 $200,000 - $249,999                    $380.00

 $250,000 - $349,999                    $400.00

 $350,000 +                                   $420.00

​Should either party not wish to disclose income, my fee will be $375.00/hour. 

Facilitation and Proposal Writing

Please call to discuss fee arrangements.


Supervised Access and Home Assessments

Please call to discuss fee arrangements.


Third Party Payments (EAP and other Benefit Providers)

Please be advised that I do not accept any payment by third party payers (benefit or EAP providers). People are directly responsible for payment of services as per the information above at the time of service. A receipt will be provided with which persons can seek reimbursement from their EAP or benefit provider. I take no responsibility for your reimbursement. Reimbursement remains a matter between you and your benefit or EAP provider. 

If you do seek reimbursement through your benefit or EAP provider and I am called to verify the charge, I will do so with your implied consent. My disclosure will be limited to advising of my credentials as well as verifying the billing information, service provided and persons served. Please note that parenting coordination is a clinical-legal service and may not be covered.  No information regarding the nature or content of information discussed will be provided without signed consent, for which you will be charged as per the time required.


I require a retainer for some of my services.  Please call for fee quotes for other services.  Sliding fee scale available. Travel costs me be required for some work.

Court Attendance Fees

Attendance at court, court preparation, and travel to attend court will be charged at double my regular rate of pay for the service performed for which I am being called as a witness. There will be disbursement fees for all costs including meterage. 

Cancellation Fees

With 48 hours (2businessdays)notice there is a fee for 2 hours or the length of appointment, of my fees payable by the party cancelling. 

With 24hours(1 business day) notice there is a fee for 4 hours or the length of appointment, of my fees payable by the party cancelling. 

Special circumstances will be considered. 

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