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Providing civil, workplace and family arbitration.


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An Arbitrator is trained in the areas of Arbitration and its relevant laws and is selected by the disputing parties for her knowledge and expertise. The Arbitrator reviews the evidence and arguments of each party to reach a decision that is binding on both parties.  Either party may involve legal counsel, witnesses or other representation.

I am trained in family, commercial, landlord/tenant, strata, community, work place, and motor vehicle (ICBC) arbitrations.



Mediation/Arbitration allows the parties to attempt to resolve their issues through mediation with the professional acting as a Mediator. If the parties cannot come to agreement on the issues, the professional acting as an Arbitrator makes a determination of the issues for them. The same professional acts as both the mediator and the arbitrator.

Fees for Arbitration and Mediation/ Arbitration

$275 per hour. Call for an estimate regarding flat fee arbitration on some matters.

Appointment, review of documents and evidence, hearings, decision making and award writing.


I work with lawyer/mediation colleagues to provide a co-mediation package whereby you benefit from our joint experience to resolve your family, business, and property issues in a mediation or mediation/arbitration process.

Fees for Co-Mediation/Arbitration

$400 per hour for both mediator/arbitrators. No travel costs south of the Comox Valley. 

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