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Facilitator of meetings, training workshops and strategic planning sessions

Facilitation and Proposal Writing

Joan has many years of experience as a facilitator of meetings, training workshops, including strategic planning sessions.


Her experience and knowledge assists diverse groups of people to understand and reach common goals and to help them develop protocols, policies and plans for sustainable projects.


Joan has worked with small businesses, professional associations, not-for-profit groups, senior’s organizations and mental health professionals, to assist them to plan new services or develop new strategies within existing services.


Joan has written extensive successful project funding proposals. She has developed policy and procedure manuals, strategic operating policies, and assisted in the accreditation for a number of organizations.


Many of the organizations Joan has worked with are from various First Nations and Inuit Communities in British Columbia, Nunavut, Ontario, and the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

“Joan worked within our organization to develop strategies to move forward and help us see the point of view of all our members.” - Local Health Organization


Please contact to discuss fee arrangements.

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